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Elite’s Reverse Box is designed to provide a compact reversing solution for bike engine race car applications that require a reverse for regulations.

It is also widely used in the ever popular bike engine kit car scene, providing a neat solution to save getting out and pushing each time you need to turn around.

Made from a 2 piece billet case with mechanical reverse operation, no electronics are required just a lever located somewhere convenient in the cockpit.

It can be mounted inline with a prop shaft in front and behind, or attached directly to the rear diff flange and output sprocket of the engine.

It can also be mounted transversely and used in chain drive applications using sprocket type flanges.



  • 1:1 Direct Dog Drive in forwards
  • Mechanically operated reverse, does not rely on any electronics
  • Double side mounts as standard, can be machined to single side mount at no additional cost

The Products we make:

Reverse Box standard flange to flange    £500.00

Reverse Box to accept sprockets    £800.00

Gearbox Options:

  • Bespoke flanges, sprocket type, female couplings, belt drive


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Installation Drawing

How to Order:

Please call one of our team on 01782 280136

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